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This will turn your day around. (via Rue The Day)

Text 15 Aug Apologies

My apologies to any followers. Working on TEDx NOLA along with work duties has had me a bit tied up. Fret not, though, the inspiration will continue shortly.

Warmly, Dustin

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What makes a movement? It’s not in the leader, it’s in the first follower and how the leader embraces him/her.

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Shhh. Don’t carry prejudices or preconceived notions. Close your eyes. Put on headphones. Imagine driving through a city on the interstate in the middle of the night. Drift away for 4 minutes. You deserve it.

-The Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition”

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Link 28 Jul 14 Famous Man Caves»

Roosevelt’s trophy room. Edison’s study. Thoreau’s cabin. Twain’s writing hut. And, of course, the manliest of caves… Hemingway’s studio.

Link 28 Jul The Anchoring Effect»

A fascinating, if lengthy, view of our perception of relative numerical values.

It’s marketing. It’s economics. It’s psychology.

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From Mumford & Sons latest album. I can’t wait the for late-autumn cold, when this album will be absolutely perfect. Enjoy!

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